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At TDM we are inspired by nature, nature has made everything unique and evolution is the key to survival. We believe the same applies to every business!!! Your brand has to be unique and it has to evolve with the times to compete and be successful.


In today’s age, Digital Marketing is the most critical way to promote your brand and connect with your current and potential customers. At TDM Agency we are masters of brand engagement, customer relationship, and digital marketing to engage and involve your customers with your brand and products.

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Tactical Digital Media Agency is a full-service White Label Digital Marketing Agency. We are made up of creative, tactical and innovative minds with extensive experience in the Digital Marketing world. Take us as your trusted marketing advisors and partners.

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Marketing Partner

Digital Marketing can be confusing and overwhelming especially with changes happening on a daily basis, We at TDM understand that and hence provide you with full support and advice, while you focus on running your business and we help you in growing it.

Website Design

Your Website is your digital storefront, we ensure that we match your website to your brand and captive audience along with a responsive design to ensure that the user gets the best experience irrespective of any platform they are using be it a desktop, laptop, phones or tablets.


We create a unique to go to market approach keeping in mind your business goals and target market, it is not only being on the first page of Google but getting the user to interact with your website. We focus on delivering increased traffic and exposure for your brand.

Marketing Strategy

A clear strategy is a core for the success of any project and we ensure that we provide you with a well documented and formulated strategy custom made for your business needs. We strive to get you the best ROI on your marketing dollar and make it work smarter for your business.

Cost Optimisation

We specialise in optimising your current marketing and operational costs, as the saying goes every dollar saved is a dollar earned. Be it outdated marketing avenues like print directories or ongoing expenses like designing flyers, offers, brochures, marketing expenses or your business or incentive travel. We can streamline your process to ensure a lean process to make your dollar work smarter.

Social Media

How the world connects has changed drastically in the last decade, more and more people are searching and connecting through social media and hence it is imperative for every business to have a strong presence and engagement with the audience.

Unique Branding Agency
TDM Agency
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Digital Marketing can be a rugged terrain like the Arctic, then we are the Polar bears of Digital Marketing who know how to handle this rugged and harsh terrain.


Your customers are as unique as your brand, they can not be given a unique experience with a cookie cutter approach, at TDM we have a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the digital marketing landscape dealing with large multinationals to local businesses, we do not give you a standardised marketing plan but ensure that we prepare a customised strategy and solution for your business.


For a No Obligation, full Marketing analysis contact us now!

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Fun Facts

23% is the decline of print advertising every year


new internet users added every second


75% of internet users use social media


35% is the minimum a business should allocate off their marketing budget towards online

Customised Unique Strategy

Your brand and customers are unique so you need a unique strategy to engage them and not a template based generic hit and try approach.

Experienced Team of Experts

At TDM we have a great mix of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in their area of expertise and not a jack of all trades.

Dedicated Support Team

We believe in life-long relationships, at TDM our relationship does not end once the project is over but we are here to provide you support and assistance anytime.

Our Process

your creative process

Our dedicated team of experts will come up with the finest solutions

  • 1


    Research & Fieldwork

    We need to know about your brand and your customers, we will do a thorough research about your industry to find answers to benefit your brand.

  • 2


    Creating a Strategy

    A strategy is a backbone for the success of any project, we will prepare a unique strategy to benefit your brand and engage your audience.

  • 3


    Design & Development

    Our experienced team will get on work to provide you with the finest product and experience that is available in the digital space.

  • 4


    Deploying the product

    We will work with your experience in your industry to deploy the product that will ensure that you are getting the best ROI.

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Here is the list of clients we work with, we do not believe in one fix for all solutions. Please contact us for a detailed analysis of your business needs and what kind of a website will best suit your business needs and brand image.

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At TDM we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers.