TDM Agency: Challenging Norms and Breaking Stereotypes

Breaking Stereotypes - ShahRukh Khan

Challenging Norms and Breaking Stereotypes

Year 1992. The people at the movie theatre echoed “Deewana” in unison. The debutant had won them over with his chocolate boy looks, unique dialogue delivery and killer dance moves. The man had set the silver screen on fire – he was the country’s newest heartthrob! He followed it up with a slew of ‘anti-heroish’ performances which was a huge risk at the time when movies were made in the Indian film industry. But, contrary to people’s apprehensions, his roguish charm appealed to the masses and his movies became a massive hit. Came 1995 and his movie became a blockbuster, catapulting him to the position of a megastar. He became the face of magazine covers, journals and every woman’s idea of a romantic partner. It’s been 26 years since his debut but his charisma and magnetism has only grown with time. We bet that you have already guessed his name! Yes, it is none other than the superstar Shahrukh Khan. His life-story is testament to the fact that “chasing your dreams may call for thinking outside-the-box and breaking stereotypes but if you take that giant leap of faith and keep your focus on your goal, then nothing can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success”.

We, at TDM Agency, have followed this mantra since our inception in 2014. TDM Agency is a premier digital marketing firm which offers services to clients in brand engagement, customer relationship enhancement and content marketing to help them take their business to the next level. We play to the uniqueness of a brand and help them keep pace with the ever-changing marketing trends so that they are always ahead of their competitors. At TDM, we follow a non-hierarchical way of communication where everyone has the freedom to express their views and opinions – this practice facilitates smooth exchange of ideas and enrichment of through process. Ideating and brainstorming is 2nd nature to professionals belonging to this organization. Our out-of-the-box ideas and unique methodology have yielded great results for our clients. From local small to medium businesses such as GTA Bagpiper, My Moovers, Salon Shique, SHG Trade Solutions to large multinationals like Electrolux, Emirates Airlines, Komatsu etc. – there are many success stories to come out of TDM Agency’s galore. That said, we have had our fair share of challenges but what kept us afloat was our ability to think on our feet and not getting bogged down by adversity. Time flies – it was only yesterday that we had started this organization and today we have completed 4 years!! We hope that we continue to grow and evolve as an organization and help our clients accomplish their goals.

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