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Content Marketing Strategy Pitfalls to Avoid

In the age of social media, content marketing (Content Marketing Strategy) is getting quite popular among cyber citizens. It is an incredible way to build relationships with customers and increase sales. The companies are creating an effective content strategy to build their presence and grow the customer base.

A customer-centric content strategy helps in achieving the desired marketing results. To improvise results, follow an integrated content marketing approach. Bring together all the major sources which are paid, earned, shared and owned media. It is important to publish content related to your brand that can help in its growth; diversifying from which might not gain attention from brand followers.

Avoid pitfalls for an effective content strategy:

Writing blogs without SEO

SEO is not just about filling keywords. We cannot leverage the power of blogs without a proper SEO strategy. An optimised content brings great SEO results and increases visibility. Today, we are moving towards to gain rankings instead of discoverability.

It’s about finding what users want. We need to understand user intent, emotions, extrapolation of thoughts etc. Hire a suitable content marketing strategy that creates content from an SEO perspective.

Leads or prospects have completely redefined marketing with the rise in demand. B2B marketers show that SEO generate more leads instead of any other marketing channel. Increase your visibility through SEO optimisation process and create error-free posts.

Documented Content Strategy is not there

Even though a content strategy usually does everything for your content marketing program, it might not be effective every time!

Document content strategy provides solutions to problems. It highlights your content marketing goals, efforts you make and how you measure success or failure. It also specifies the roadblocks and challenges which prevent you from being at the top in the industry.

Content that doesn’t add Value

To have a successful content performance use personas to create valuable content. They communicate directly with customers to understand their needs and wants. Personas help in creating a brand which is unique to your business solutions.

The valuable content helps in finding the right audience. Avoid writing content which goes beyond the problems and offers solutions. Add a unique value by including facts and performing primary research.

Not Focusing on the Audience

Content marketing is about publishing the right content that focuses on customers and what they are interested in. To be successful in content marketing, understand your B2C marketers, their needs, wants and interests and create content through their perspective.

We often make mistake by focusing on a large group of audience and content does not meet its objectives.

Develop content from buyer personas and identify problems or knowledge gaps your prospects might have.

Branding your content is a huge investment and reaps benefits in the long run. As part of your digital marketing strategy, use new tools and technologies to make targeted contents for the customers. Conceptualize the content which will create value and growth for B2B organization.


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