Digital Marketing Needs

Digital Marketing Needs

TDM Agency: Your partner for your Digital Marketing needs

Do you have a website and are looking for different ways to make your page reach to the top? Digital marketing is the way to go about promoting your website or company, especially if you are newly launching it. In today’s day and age, every other company follows the latest digital marketing trends that keep them in the competition for the longer run. The digital marketing landscape primarily consists of SEO, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, PPC, content marketing and a lot more. If you are looking for an agency in Melbourne to facilitate digital marketing for your company, you can rely on TDM Agency to do your job.

At TDM Agency, we offer customised solutions for your needs. We are a Certified Google Partner and can provide you with the latest releases by Google, giving you an in-depth experience of some pre-launched digital marketing tools. You have the option to utilise them for your company or dismiss them, according to what suits your need. We also keep a track of the latest trends in this field and also advise you on the best suitable campaigns to promote your website.

We help you formulate a well-documented digital marketing strategy for your business requirement. The strategy can include the following tactics:-


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation brings your company’s webpage on the first page of the Google search results. If your page falls in the first 10 links displayed by Google, the rate of user interaction increases garnering enough traffic to your website on a daily basis. We ensure that you have a full-fledged strategy and strive to make your website reach the top rankings in a short span of time.


SERP or Search Engine Result Pages are the most important pages to a digital marketing expert. Since web results are based on keywords, we will try to bring your website to the front by targeting the most used keywords, and also by paying enough on some negative keywords to see the status. This is similar to Google AdWords, wherein an advertisement is overseen with the usage of keywords to see how much customer interaction can be achieved. It is also possible for two SERPs to be identical but they will always have minuscule differences.

PPC Advertising:

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is a targeted method of buying visits to your website. There is a hopeful rate of conversions, as viewers click on your website enabling a sale or a conversation. This can be executed via setting up an advertisement with relevant keywords that users are bound to click to visit your website. PPC is however competitive, as it depends on how high you bid for an advertisement to display on the top search rankings. We help you analyse the varying factors that will make your advertisement stand out and also help you determine which one is best suited to help you attract visitors.



You can contact TDM Agency at +61 3 8362 3661 or drop us an email at To enquire about hands-on solutions for your website. We understand your brand and help you execute your vision in the best possible way.

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