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TDM Agency has helped a large number of businesses climb the success ladder through their effective brand engagement, customer relationship enhancement, and digital marketing techniques. One of the many success stories to have come out of TDM Agency’s galore is of Dan the Bagpiper.

But, before we could proceed with the story, here’s a snippet about Dan…the piper man….

Dan is a seasoned instrumentalist with over 40 years of experience as a professional bagpiper. He believes that music transcends the barriers of language, culture, race, and region and is one of the most beautiful ways of creating and preserving memory. He has been event piping in the Greater Toronto area for the most part of his life and specializes in Robbie Burn’s Celebration. Apart from this, some of the major events that Dan has performed at are:

  1. Toronto Zoo Remembrance day celebration
  2. Toronto Fire Fighter Convocation
  3. Royal Canadian Legion
  4. Toronto International Film Festival
  5. Fendi Apparel Shoot


Now, to the story about our encounter with Dan…

Though Dan had been active in the Greater Toronto Bagpiping circuit for more than half of his life, he wasn’t really able to make a good business out of his piping assignments. Call it destiny or serendipity, the founder of TDM Agency happened to attend one of the weddings that Dan had been invited to play the bagpiper for. His extraordinary piping had everyone mesmerized. Our CEO, a music enthusiast himself, was so impressed that he immediately rushed to greet the piper man as soon as his performance was over. The two were instantly at ease and struck a conversation with each other. As their discussion progressed, it became clear to the founder that Dan deserved a lot more than his current earnings. He, therefore, decided to take charge of the bagpiper’s brand engagement and digital marketing so that the latter could have more clientele and consequently more business. As a result of TDM Agency’s excellent brand building through the likes of blogging and social media optimization, Dan’s business prospects improved drastically. People began to book in advance for his performances at weddings, funerals and even corporate events. Dan was overwhelmed. He couldn’t help but thank TDM Agency for turning his fortunes around.

Today, Dan happens to be one of the most famous bagpipers in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas, all thanks to the efforts put in by those at TDM Agency.

If you would like Dan to bagpipe at your event, contact him on www.gtabagpiper.com

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