Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

The Basics of Advertising on Facebook

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Social media has a tremendous reach which can be capitalized on by advertisers and online marketers to the benefit of their businesses. Facebook, alone, with over a billion users worldwide, can have a huge impact on the brand image and financial prospects of an enterprise. However, not many businesses are successful in tapping into its potential and end up losing out in the ‘game of the digital throne’. Here’s a guide to help you get started on the same:

A Facebook Business Page:

If you do not have a Facebook Business page, you need to get one up and running. If you do, you need to ensure that it is completely filled out. While filling in your business information, provide every detail that visitors need to know. Your website, hours of operation (if applicable), telephone number etc are included in this. Be transparent about your business on Facebook. If you there is an air of mystery around it, you are sure to leave the audience/customers/visitors confused as to your identity.

Get Know Facebook before Advertising on it:

Having a business account on Facebook is different from having a personal account on the same. Therefore, it is important that you get used to handling a business page before opening your own business account on Facebook.

Open Your Facebook Advertising Account:

It is very easy to open an advertising account on Facebook. Make sure that you have your advertising goals in mind because Facebook will ask you to select the right kind of advertising campaign based upon that. You also need to keep in mind that you would not be attracting sales directly from your Facebook ads. It takes a lot of effort communicating with your prospects. You need to think long-term when it comes to building trust and establishment of your brand.

Know How to Engage with Your Targets:

If you know your targets, you should plan to advertise to each group separately, rather than have a blanket ad! You can even run several ads for each blanket group. This allows for rotation of ads so that people don’t see the same message from you.

Determine Your Ad Spend:

Always be mindful of your budget. Do not overspend. A good idea is to go for a mid-level amount and then checking the conversion rate.

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Create Your Ad:

Your Facebook Ad should reflect your creativity and originality. A good tip is to come up with catchy headlines, vibrant images, and enticing call-to-actions.

Track Your Progress:

You should start tracking your analytics once your Facebook ads go live. You do not need to check them every other hour but make sure that you’re on top of what is happening. This would help you go back and make alterations if the need arises.

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TDM Agency is a boutique digital marketing agency that has helped numerous businesses reach the pinnacle of success through its ingenious brand engagement and customer relationship enhancement strategy. We can help you reinvent your Facebook marketing strategy so that you can have a wider customer base and consequently improved business prospects. Get in touch with us at info@tdmagency.com.

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