Google Adwords: Your Key to Success in Online Marketing

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google AdWords

As an online marketer, if you’ve tried every key to unlock the door of success and failed, do not lose hope!! You must have probably come across this magic potion of sorts that we’re going to talk about but brushed it off as a costly affair or worst yet, a good-for-nothing tool. Let’s not keep you guessing anymore…this tool is none other than Google Adwords. Here are some of the main reasons why you should be using this platform:

Increase in Leads and Customers:

Google Adwords help you in screening out people who are purely looking for your products and services. It has consistently featured as one of the best tools for lead generation. If you wish to send out extremely targeted leads to your website, opt-in form or any other online property, it can do that for you provided your campaigns are set up properly.

Flexible Marketing Platform:

It is an extremely flexible marketing platform, suitable for all kinds of organizations. Besides being compatible with a wide array of other marketing platforms and software systems, it allows for easy customization of campaigns so that specific online users can be focused on. Depending on the expenditure you want to make, you can set your budget accordingly.

High Return on Investment:

Contrary to other marketing strategies, you only have to pay for the ads that people click on! Once your Google Adwords Campaigns have been optimized, you can get a high return on investment which may be nearly impossible with other marketing strategies. This, however, take time as you figure out the best approach to your business. In order to find out the best approach, you will have to constantly test and track your campaigns. Google Adwords is perfect for this because of its transparency and (easy) availability of information.

Huge, Quality Traffic Sources:

Google is a giant – there are millions of people who search for and click on Google ads every day. This means that it can direct a huge amount of traffic to a website everyday. Their search engine algorithms are continuously evolving to produce the most relevant search results and ads possible which in turn have a positive impact on businesses who advertise through Google Adwords.

Knowledge about Market:

Google Adwords enable businesses to know more about their audience – customer preferences and habits which consequently helps businesses to deal with them better. The information derived from Google Adwords such as the keywords used to find a website, customers’ location, devices used, the times and days of search etc can be used to provide better products and services.



Nilesh Deshpande from TDM Agency

Nilesh Deshpande from TDM Agency has brilliantly used this platform to bring outstanding results for our clients. A University of Ballarat postgraduate, Nilesh prides himself on having worked with the top internet marketing experts of the world and achieving multiple certifications in the online advertising world. His lingo is an eclectic mix of several languages as he is also a multi-linguist who can speak 7 languages!

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