Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search

Voice Search will be the Norm

Google Voice Search will be the norm. Is your Business ready?

Voice Search is a growing phenomenon that has many things to offer to website owners, SEO experts, and digital marketers. Google voice search may not be completely mainstream yet, but it holds a lot of promise as it is predicted to come into its own this year. If you stay ahead of the curve, there would be plenty of marketing opportunities for you to capitalize on. In order to help you make the most of this opportunity, we have a little more information to share with you on the same.

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What is Voice Search?

Google voice search is a service that permits users to search on Google by just using their voice. You do not require a keyboard to type anything!! It is similar to Siri (Apple’s voice assistant). While voice search is not a novelty to Google, it has just started peaking this year. Google has done a lot of work on the system and as a result, the voice and word recognition have become much sharper.


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Why do we Care about Voice Search?

Google voice search is gaining momentum – it will bring about a dramatic change in how people search. The rise of voice search will impact how customers search for products or services and how they browse the net which makes it all the more relevant for digital marketers.

How Voice Search differs from Text Searches?

• Voice Searchers Use Longer Queries:

Thanks to the sophistication of the new speech recognition software, people are more conversational with voice search as compared to text. For instance: people search for things like – “Which is the best coffee shop in town?” when speaking but just “best coffee shop” when typing.

• People Primarily Use Voice Search on Mobile:

The popularity of voice search on mobile can be attributed to the challenge of typing on a small screen combined with the fact that you’re likely to be on the move while using your mobile.

• Voice Search Means more Natural Language:

People who use voice search have a tendency to use more natural language than those typing the search. The use of natural language is more exciting for marketers as they get to know the user intent more clearly through it.

With mobile voice search growing rapidly and the sales of Google Home, Alexa etc sky-rocketing, marketers and business owners need to find a way to incorporate this technology into their digital marketing strategy for maximizing their return on investment.

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