Directory Listing Cost Optimisation

Making your Marketing Dollars Work Smarter

Directory Listing Specialists

TDM Agency is a boutique marketing agency specialising in cost optimisation. We have saved businesses Millions of dollars by optimising their directory listings (White and Yellow Pages) without affecting their search-ability or contact-ability and making their listings work smarter for them and getting a strong ROI.


Your directory listing provider will never provide you the cheapest or the most effective listing plan as their main focus is to stretch your marketing dollar and with the rapid decline in the revenue for print directories they are more desperate than ever to not let you know how you can reduce your cost but keep the same exposure.

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No Saving No Charge

We work on a no obligation basis therefore, if we are not able to reduce advertising spend or be able to provide credit for previous spend, there will be no charges associated along with no upfront payments. We will only charge a percentage of the total savings generated for your company if we are able to provide you with savings.


There are no hidden costs when you use our service, we only work with you if we can save you money. We are clear about the process every step of the way and if we find there are no savings to be had, it won’t cost you a penny. Essentially if you engage with our services it is a win-win situation as it will either cost you nothing and you have the peace of mind to know that your advertising is correct OR we will be saving you money on your annual spend.


We work for You

We take the hassle out of dealing with your directory service provider, as one of our experts will analyse everything you currently have on contract and scrutinise it with a fine tooth comb. We know what we are doing!


We do not represent any marketing/advertising company or directory service provider and we work independently with our clients, ensuring that our recommendations are not biased and will assist the organization. Often account managers that work for agencies are looking to meet sales targets, our business model is based on finding savings for our clients, not stretching your budget each year.


Thorough Analysis

Once we have the details from your directory provider regarding your account, we scrutinise it thoroughly to identify components which are not giving you a good return on investment and look for alternatives which will ensure that your listing works smarter with the same contact information at a fraction of the cost.


After the initial analysis we will ask the directory provider to send us options which are considerably cheaper but will still provide your business the same exposure and the same ease of searchability and contact-ability for your customers.