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“Masie, you know what, I found something really cool on Instagram”, Ellie exclaimed excitedly. “I was doing a search for motivational quotes and found a really good one on the Instagram page of a digital marketing agency! I dug further and found many other inspirational quotes which made my day. I have decided to follow their Instagram page!! They’re TDM Agency who’s into digital marketing in Waterloo”. Ellie’s words spread like a forest fire and soon the digital marketing agency had more followers than anyone else in Waterloo and the numbers just kept adding!

So, what was it about their posts that got the girl hooked and others to follow suit…? Let’s have a look!

Understanding their Audience:

They took the time out to find out their existing audience and think on ways of how to please them/cater to their likes more effectively. You may create the most beautiful content but if you do not know your target audience, the content is of no use.

Talking with them, not at them:

They made their company feel more human and less corporate by constantly engaging with their audience – replying back to comments, suggestions and even criticism in a positive way.

Using Relevant Hashtags:

They used relevant hashtags which helped people find their content more easily – not overdoing it (using 5 targeted hashtags than 25 random ones) or spamming it (keeping them relevant to the content/image).

Adding Call to Actions:

A good CTA leads the user in the right direction, compelling them to ‘take an action’ such as downloading the video or visiting your website or buying stuff and this is what was exactly done by the digital marketing firm.

Knowing when to Post:

They knew the best time to post their content which got them great results. In order to monitor your Instagram engagement, you can use ‘social listening tool’ which tracks your Instagram posts.

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TDM Agency is a boutique digital marketing agency that has helped numerous businesses reach the pinnacle of success through its ingenious brand engagement and customer relationship enhancement strategy. We can help you reinvent your Instagram marketing strategy so that you can have a wider customer base and consequently improved business prospects. Get in touch with us at

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  • Rachel Kieran

    Instagram is the most suited channel in terms of branding purposes but for bringing conversions and traffic to the website I have Instagram paid marketing to be highly effective.

    December 12, 2018

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