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LinkedIn Marketing

5 Top Marketing Tips for LinkedIn

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With LinkedIn emerging as one of the top social networking sites for business owners to expand their customer base, LinkedIn marketing has become significant to the growth of an enterprise. Here are 5 LinkedIn marketing tips which can drastically improve your financial prospects:

Sell Your Skills @ LinkedIn:

Your profile is the best way to market your product or sell your skills, irrespective of it being a company or personal profile. A LinkedIn profile is basically an extension of your resume that is inclusive of your photo and recommendations from others. It should be filled out completely so that most can be extracted from a marketing perspective.

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Have Others Sell You:

This is one of the most important aspects of LinkedIn. Getting recommendations from colleagues and clients is one of the most effective ways to win new customers. So, gather as many recommendations as you possibly can.

Position yourself as an Expert:

People want to work with experts, so positioning yourself as an expert in your field or industry is vital to LinkedIn marketing. You can build your credibility by actively answering questions in LinkedIn’s “question-answer” section. It is an effective way of letting people know that you posses a wealth of knowledge in your area of work.

Network Offline:

It is great fun and highly convenient to network online but sometimes you cannot imagine the impact face-to-face networking can have on your marketing potential. Hence, it is important that you find networking events in your city. You can also host your own marketing event, which you can then promote on LinkedIn.

Link to other Social Networking Accounts:

LinkedIn marketing encourages you to stay on top of social media marketing. You can sync your Twitter account and your blog with LinkedIn which means that both will be automatically updated when you publish something new. It takes less than a minute to sign up for syncing. Interested connections and others can easily click on your Twitter address, your website or your blog to learn more.

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