Native Advertising

Native Advertising

Use Native Advertising before Traditional Advertising

Take the guesswork out of Native Advertising and let the experts at TDM do it for you!

Native advertising is all around you – you may or may not be familiar with the term but it would be highly unlikely for someone to not have seen it. Native ads are a near hybrid of Search and Display ads as they embody the quality of both. Search ads in Google look like the organic listings except for a few small tweaks – the styling is altered to match the rest of the page and content is changed to ensure the relevancy of the ad to the topic of search. Display ads rest in a 3rd party environment.

Native ads also sit in a 3rd party environment but they are styled to match the rest of the page and are relevant to the topic of the page they sit on. Many native advertising providers do not allow you to send traffic on a product page – a native ad will most likely be found in the form of an article, story or blog and this is perhaps the only factor which differentiates it from Search and Display ads.

There are a number of reasons why Native Advertising should be a part of your digital marketing strategy:

● Proper Engagement with Users:

Native advertising is perfect for producing targeted content that addresses a pain point for the user and offers a solution. This kind of content is a soft sell – the user gets to know something valuable and at the same time is gently nudged towards your service or product.

● Brand Awareness:

Native ads can drive brand awareness in a great way. When a user clicks on a native ad, he/she comes to your website and gets a brand contact, (which when executed in the right way by you), will in all probability have a positive impact. Most of the world’s largest and most trusted publishers are on a native advertising platform, which means that you have the opportunity to get your content in front of huge, relevant and trusting audiences.

● Create Long-Term Relationship with Readers:

A successful native advertising strategy can result in repeat visits and higher engagement. People have a tendency to trust branded content more than traditional advertising which is why more and more businesses are turning to this form of marketing.

● Genuinely New Additional Traffic:

Each native advertising platform provides new additional traffic which is clean and separate from other sources. For companies that are high on optimization and in need of working really hard to squeeze out a small increase in traffic, native ads provide a great opportunity to boost your traffic, conversions, and revenue.

● Drive ROI:

Native ads can help you make more profit than you could’ve ever imagined. They allow you to drive high volumes of traffic at a relatively low cost/less investment. The large range of conversions spawning from high volumes of traffic drive more ROI.


Native Advertising Strategy



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