New Features in Google Ads

New Features Google Ads

New Features in Google Ads, Google Docs API, .dev Domain and More

Every week, you all get a list of latest updates and developments of Google. It is important to be aware of these new developments as it might affect you as an advertiser, website owner, SEO professional or regular use of Google products.

The latest Google Ads features of anti-misinformation display campaigns at the launch of the Google Docs API and .dev domains.

When you search for anything, many Google news alerts pop up. This leads to:-

Google battle misinformation:

Google released a white paper that helps in tackling the misleading information across Google’s products. These problems can be addressed easily with the help of Google’s white paper. The white paper also explains the engine giant that work beyond its own product to support online information.

Reply to customer reviews:

It was announced that businesses will not be able to reply to customer reviews from Google maps on the desktop. This can be done directly on Google maps and you are not required to open your desktop or download mobile apps.

‘Get in line’ button in the local panel:

Many restaurants display ‘get in line’ call to action (CTA) that can be used by users to be on a waiting list. The CTA is available across all the devices. As you click on the CTA, a waitlist page opens that provides information about wait time and gives an option to select a party size and allows you to join the waiting list.


There are many types of Google ad words new features updated in 2019. These appear in Google Ads News

  • Update of the speed score of a mobile page: Fewer clicks on ads helps in calculating a score for mobile pages. This tool calculates a speed score that reflects the mobile pages. As per Google, adopt mobile technologies such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). These charge faster than standard mobile pages.
  • Change the name of universal apps: Google has simplified the name of ‘universal campaigns for the app’ to ‘campaigns for the app’. This will not affect the features and functionality of the campaigns. With the help of direct name, advertisers and developers use Google ads that suit their business goals.

Google has updated Google tools news

  • Google .dev domain available to all: Google launched new top-level domain ‘.dev’ dedicated to developers and technology but available to designers, writers, etc. In this, you can learn the latest tech, build communities and showcase your projects with your ideal domain name.
  • Google search console stops supporting mobile app properties: Google sends emails for verifying mobile app profiles in Search Console. This not only affects the mobile apps appearance in search results but the indexing statistics for the apps will no longer be available.
  • Google docs API: It contains many existing docs’ features. The API helps automate word processing tasks and allows users to read and write documents programmatically.

With the help new features in Google, the work of users is getting easy and convenient. TDM Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides complete solutions for marketing needs.

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