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Social Media Marketing Failing

Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Failing

Social media has the widest possible reach today. It has been estimated that more than half of the human population who have access to the internet have the presence on social media! Social media marketing can, therefore, help in improving your online visibility, customer engagement, and brand awareness. A lot of online marketers, however, are not successful in capitalizing on it and lose out on a major chunk of their business. So, what makes them fail at social media marketing? Here’s a list of reasons highlighting the same:

Lack of Strategy:

Having a concrete strategy which includes short term and long term goals is the first step towards a successful social media campaign. If you do not have a strategy or a clearly defined plan of action, devote all your time charting that out first.

Slow Response:

If you take too long to reply back to a message or comment by a user, you are already losing out on a potential customer. Customers demand the quick response to their messages and in case they are not responded to in a timely manner, they may feel frustrated which can then have some serious repercussions such as negative word-of-mouth about your company or business.

Posts aren’t Varied:

Audience seeks variety and if you’ve been rolling out the same kind of posts on social media, chances are that your users/customers may lose interest in your product/services/brand. Improvisation is the key. You need to constantly come up with new content that would keep the audience engaged with your brand.


Keep a tab on your competitors’ activities on social media to see how they manage and execute their campaigns. This will give you an idea about the different techniques that can be adopted to attract customers and increase the number of likes and comments on your posts.

Too Much Time on Social Media:

If the time and effort taken to develop a social media campaign are much more than what you are getting in return, then it’s time to re-think on your social media strategy.




These factors, if taken care of, can help in improving your social media marketing.

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