How TDM Agency Services Small, Mid-Size and Large Establishments

Small Mid-Size Large Establishments

How TDM Agency Services Small, Mid-Size and Large Establishments

TDM Agency actively seeks research and analysis on what customers of their clients want to know about the brands they choose to buy from. Our research has consistently brought about 4 customer queries to the fore which has helped small to mid-size and large establishments gain insights into their mode of operation, revamp their marketing strategy, increase customer retention and attract new leads.

  • Are they liked or even better loved:

    People are inquisitive, especially when it comes to matters of goods and services. They want to know whether or not they are liked by the brands they buy from. Customers derive conclusions about a company’s or a brand’s liking towards them in the following ways:

  1. The manner in which they are served which is also referred to as customer experience.
  2. How the brand tries to engage with them on social media, via email or through text messaging.
  3. How quick is the response time (to an inquiry or query for instance).

There are three questions that customers want answers to – Are they really paid attention to by the brand? Is their name used by the business and its employees in communication? And finally, does the brand genuinely feel thankful towards them for using their services?

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  • Do they care about them as a customer:

    This is directly related to how genuine does the brand come across to the customer in its communication. Customers will always be curious to know if they are being served by people who actually care about them. They can sense it through every interaction that they have with the brand – from social media to website scrolling to text messaging or the actual, real-time buying interaction.

  • Can they be trusted:

    Trust is what binds two people or parties together. Clients want to know whether the people they’re going to engage with can be trusted or not. It is easy for a brand to lose its customers if it fails to respond to their messages, queries or enquiries on time. When a brand/company takes too long to respond to a customer, the latter loses trust in the former. However, if you take care of the response time and exceed customer expectations, you can easily win their trust.

  • Are they knowledgeable and competent:

    Customers are savvy. They can gauge if a brand’s employee is familiar with the products and services when they are making a purchase. If an employee goes on to help a client figure out the best product or service, chances are that you will have gained a loyal customer at the end of the day.


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