The Pitfalls of Hiring an In-House SEO

In House SEO

Businesses are often in a fix when deciding between hiring an in-house SEO and outsourcing the same. According to many industry experts, a digital marketing agency can fetch better results for you than an in-house SEO. There are a number of reasons to support the inference that they have drawn.

Absence of a Broad Skillset:

There are a lot of things that come under SEO today. The likelihood of a single SEO having the necessary skill set to take on the mammoth task of strategizing your marketing activities is next to zero. There are 3 main categories of SEO – Technical SEO, Onsite SEO, and Link SEO and each one of them come with their own set of challenges. A single SEO who could fill all the 3 roles is a rarity.

Inability to Fix the Bigger Time-Consuming SEO Problems:

If you have an SEO to-do list the size of a whale, then don’t expect that a one-man army could fix it all. When you hire a digital marketing agency, you hire a team to do the work for you which means that things can be accomplished in a faster manner.

The Search Strategy may be in Shambles:

The SEO guy may be skilled but given the continuously changing search trends, he may not be able to reinvent the marketing strategy all the time. On the other hand, digital marketing agencies make sure that they keep pace with the changing SEO trends and come up with strategies relevant to the current industry practices.

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Lack of a Fresh Perspective:

Communication facilitates the exchange of ideas and opinions. Team members interact with one another and thus the advantage of having a team work for you is that fresh ideas are constantly generated and brought to the fore. Contrarily, in case of a single SEO guy (who has nobody else on his team), may lack a fresh perspective.

You might not Get Instant Results:

As opposed to SEO agencies that can invest more time and resources to get your work done more quickly, in-house SEOs have a limited amount of time on their hands. The scalability of SEO agencies enables them to work more quickly and consequently makes them a better choice to get faster results.

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