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Keyword Research Important

Keyword Research is so Important

Internet marketing campaigns are built around keywords – without them, your marketing strategy would be a fail. If not for keywords, you would not be able to target customers who are most likely to visit your website and make a purchase. Keyword research is critical to increasing the number of conversions on your website, increasing the website traffic and ultimately increasing your return on investment. Here are a number of reasons why:

Keywords are What Users Search for:

When you do a Google search, the results so displayed for words/phrases that you type in are the websites targeting those keywords. The motive of these websites is to direct you to their WebPages and encourage you to buy their products. If the keywords that you typed in had not been targeted by these websites, there was no chance that they would have shown up highly in search engine results. Thus, if you wish for your content to be ranked highly in the search engine results page, you have to target keywords.

Without them, Google won’t know What the Content is about:

When users search for something on Google, it is the algorithm that delivers the results to them. What is the criterion for making it to the top of Google’s algorithm search? The answer is simple: keywords. Google checks for keywords in your content such as in the title tag, in the headings (H Tags) and meta descriptions. Google can only rank you for a particular keyword if the content on your page/website has targeted keywords.

Your Competitors will Beat You in Search Engine Results:

By doing keyword research you can know what users are looking for in terms of products and services. In case you are not performing keyword research, your competitors will race ahead of you as they will continue to update their content with relevant keywords to appear at the top of the search engine results page.

It Gives You Topic for Content:

It’s a gamble to write content without performing keyword research because you are in the dark about user intent or what the readers actually want to know. This can also negatively impact your business as Google discards content which does not resolve users’ queries.

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